Care Instructions

If you’re thinking “oh god, I can’t keep the thrill alive, let alone a living plant…” then have no fear, you’ll love caring for your new terrarium. These living landscapes thrive on low light and neglect.

Here are some basic instructions:

All mosses need indirect or dappled sunlight – not direct sunlight and a cool room. Too much sun may cause your terrarium to dry out.  Great for cubicle bound work-aholics who want a little green in their day.

Your terrarium will probably need a light misting from a spray bottle with distilled water every 4 weeks or so.  Don’t drown it! Just a little mist to add some humidity to the situation. In my experience it’s better to err on the side of too dry than too wet.

A little condensation inside the glass is common, but too much means you are watering it too much or it’s too sunny. If it’s too wet, take off the lid for a day , if it’s too dry give it a good misting and leave the lid off for a little while, then move to a shadier spot. If you get mildew inside the glass, then there’s probably not enough air circulation so leave the lid off for a bit.